Dixeam Terms and Conditions

Dear visitor,

Welcome to Dixeam! By using Dixeam, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use. Please review the following terms carefully. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should not use this site.

Acceptance of Agreement

You agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms of Use Agreement with respect to our site. This Agreement is the sole and comprehensive understanding between us and you. It exceeds prior or simultaneous agreements, guarantees, representations, and comprehension regarding the Site, including its content, products, and services.

We can update this Agreement without informing you in advance. Always check the latest version of the Agreement on the Site before using it, as we constantly maintain it.

Our Core Values

Dixeam embodies a distinct culture and set of values that not only shape our identity but also act as a constant daily reminder of what matters most to us:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Mutual trust and responsibility
  • Reliable partners to our clients
  • Focus on proven results
  • Transparent communication
  • Great and talented people


Dixeam holds the ultimate authority over all policies, rules, and regulations. We can alter, add, or adjust policies whenever needed. All members agree that they will not hold Dixeam liable for any items or policies within this program.

Partial Refund

At Dixeam, our main goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction with each purchase. If you're not completely happy with a specific service you've bought, we'll provide a partial refund promptly. Refunds are issued only until the drafting of the website or software's initial phases. Once the SRS or draft design is approved or the website is launched, a refund cannot be claimed.

For example, if a customer pays for hosting + domain fees and website design, and we create a draft design or SRS Document with a few designs, cancellation at this stage will result in a 70% refund, excluding the hosting and domain fees.


Our refund policy includes a refund of the initial amount if the client is not satisfied with the prototype demonstrated before we actually publish the design to HTML and start any programming. Once the complete payment is made and the website is delivered, a refund cannot be claimed.


We will not tolerate any abuse against Dixeam, whether it is word of mouth, on the internet, or anywhere else. We do not allow negativity or the use of threatening or insulting language towards our company or staff. If a customer spreads negativity or uses abusive language, we may cancel their order without notice.

The client provides the website's content, idea, or theme. Dixeam can assist in idea conception but will not tolerate posting materials that are offensive and violate laws.

Payment Claims

Dixeam is a company with different divisions offering various services. If any client opens a claim/dispute against any of our services or websites, we can cancel your service in any of the divisions. We can also terminate any service of clients from any of the divisions/websites if payment is due without any further intimation.

48 Hour Turn Around

Draft design within 48 hours is subject to working days. Holidays or Weekends are not considered in this guarantee, and critical situations such as natural calamities and human-created accidental situations are excluded.

Image Reseller Rights

We use royalty-free graphics and images for websites or any graphics. However, images used are with single-use licenses, so multiuse is not allowed. If you want to use reseller rights graphics, please inform us in advance while placing the order. We use images and graphics from specific sources and are bound to follow their terms and conditions.

Unlimited Revision

We provide unlimited revisions only on the draft design. No revision will be provided once the design is confirmed.

Free Lifetime Backups

We maintain copies of every file and design we produce for our clients. Nevertheless, we cannot be held accountable for data loss resulting from computer or storage device breakdowns, natural disasters, or fires. We retain the authority to decline service and modify these guidelines, rules, and policies whenever necessary.

Payment Terms

We accept 100% advance for projects under $500. Projects that exceed $500 can be done with partial payments. Please ensure you pay to the correct ID; we are not responsible for any wrong payment.


At the bottom of each page of the client’s website, a Dixeam logo and the words “This website designed, created, powered, hosted, and maintained by Dixeam” or similar will be placed, and a link to any website owned by Dixeam will be active. Clients do not have the right to remove this. However, if you wish to remove it, please contact us.

An extra charge of around 30% of the software or website cost may apply. Removing the credits will cancel the contract of free lifetime after-sales service/support, and legal action may be taken.

Web Application or Software Support

We provide support for a limited number of hours for any of our software or web applications. Additional hours may be charged as these applications depend on debugging, testing, and creating new modules for system stabilization in some cases.

Source File

We used to provide free source files earlier. However, due to concerns of potential misuse, we reserve the right to create a new invoice for source files. The price for source files depends upon the nature of the web application or software.


All recommendations or feedback listed on Google, Facebook, or our website are from our clients, and we publish them only after they allow us to display their positive feedback. We do not list any feedback personally.


We have the right to cancel your order or not provide you with any refund if any abusive/offensive language is used in your communication with us.

E-Commerce and Security

For projects involving e-commerce functionality, the client must ensure suitable arrangements are in place to maximize security levels regarding financial and personal information relating to the users of the project.

Dixeam has a strict policy of securing confidential information submitted by the client during the process of web design and development. However, Dixeam does not take any responsibility for the leakage or misuse of any information.

Completion Date

Dixeam and the client agree to collaborate closely to ensure the project is finished within the specified timeline. Dixeam will inform the client of the project's progress and will always endeavor to meet the deadlines.