Dixeam is a platform that is bringing revolution in the IT by providing innovative ideas for the start-ups leading them to large enterprises by unique business plans

We are worldwide providers of IT consultants and a team of developers to initiate a website and making its stream to a large enterprise. We are working for all domains globally, including healthcare, vehicles, ecommerce, travel, eLearning, hospitality, management based sites, and households.

What makes Dixeam unique is the team of its real time professionals, experienced analysts, industry experts and diverse managers and consultants that bring new ideas that are the road map to success. Under the supervision of senior analysts, we provide our clients a number of ways that makes the foundation of new roads to large level enterprises. We focus on the big data analytics, enterprise mobility, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and internet of things.

Our Skill

How we work

Our clients know that we provide services to them at ease, so if they ever find any issues that need to be sought, whether it involves hardware, software, programming, connectivity, or the updating of their sites, our team has all the means and resources to achieve an immediate resolution.

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Our services

ERP Consulting

Data is becoming larger and larger with high volume of transactions. We have in depth experience with large enterprise apps.

Creative Ideas

We are not only having skill to build things, We participate with our client to build ideas.

Interactive Designs

User interface and User satisfaction lead project to conversion and success. Our younger minds those create innovative designs.

Cloud Storage

We provide fastest cloud storage, we have dedicated and shared plans.It help frequent backup and prevent from data loss.

Artificial Intelligence

Today system becoming more and more intelligent and automate. We have dedicated team that help our client to develop AI system in under budget.

Dedicated Support

We keep our client in loop with their requirements that change according to time and provide them with dedicated resources.