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Realty Texas

A RESO-compliant SaaS application for Real Estate Sales & Leasing.

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Solution and Objectives

We proposed building a custom online real estate portal called RealtySpace to solve these issues. The three key objectives were:

  1. Enable home sellers/property managers to easily list and manage properties available for purchase or lease.
  2. Allow buyers and renters an intuitive way to search listings based on detailed criteria and location factors.
  3. Facilitate direct communication between real estate agents, property sellers, and interested buyers.

Technology Planning

After consultation with Realty Texas, we decided to build RealtySpace as a Laravel-based SaaS web application with ElasticSearch powering the listing search functionality. Some key technical requirements included:

  1. Intuitive admin dashboard for agents to submit and manage property listings on behalf of clients
  2. Advanced filtering/search to allow homebuyers to narrow down listings by property attributes, location, price, etc.
  3. Interactive mapping features to view exact addresses and surrounding neighborhoods
  4. Lead generation forms to enable direct outreach from interested buyers
  5. RESO MLS data standards across all listings and database architecture

To meet these goals within the client's budget and timeline, we utilized a distributed agile development process across our global delivery centers.


Conclusion and Results

In 8 months, we successfully built and launched RealtySpaces's full-featured Laravel/ElasticSearch real estate SaaS platform. The system transformed Realty Texas's operations and essentially digitized its entire sales process.

With the new tech capabilities RealtySpace enabled, the agency increased its listings by over 40% in year one. They added nearly 500 new properties across various cities in Texas. Lead conversion rates also rose by 30%, thanks to more engaged buyers via the portal's intuitive search and messaging.

By integrating best-of-class location intelligence, search functionality, and lead management, RealtySpaces became a major sales driver that bolstered Realty Texas's market share. The client was extremely pleased with the final product and associated ROI.

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Key Challenge

Balancing advanced search features while optimizing query performance was an initial hurdle during development. With a growing listings database, inefficient queries would slow buyer search response times. We mitigated this by leveraging ElasticSearch's speed and scalability for all property searches.

Next Steps

With RealtySpace functioning smoothly in its first year, next priorities are introducing a native mobile app for on-the-go usage and exploring expansion into other states.

Emotcia: The solution

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