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Solution and Objectives

PumaSight concluded that an in-house system tailored to their environment would be optimal rather than traditional tools lacking customization capabilities. The platform had to satisfy criteria like:

Unified Tracking: Single pane-of-glass for the entire infrastructure stack - public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise.
Comprehensive Metrics: Capture hundreds of pre-defined metrics across servers, databases, and networks. Extendable framework to plug in new data sources seamlessly
Granular Insights: Real-time dashboards providing visibility into sub-components. Configurable threshold-based alerts and customized reports.
Intelligent Detection: Leverage techniques like correlation analysis to identify root causes amidst a storm of symptoms. Advanced analytics for predicting failure patterns.
Easy Integration: Simple APIs for ingesting monitoring data from diverse systems. Agent and agentless options based on source. Minimal configuration needs.
Automated Remediation: Self-healing capabilities like auto-scaling cloud resources according to demands and configured triggers.

With clear goals established, PumaSight partnered with Dixeam for its expertise in building robust monitoring solutions using innovative techniques.

Technology Planning

Team Dixeam did a thorough evaluation of PumaSight’s existing systems and created a framework addressing current gaps while keeping future scalability in mind:

Technology Design: Finalized toolset based on the use case - Laravel, Python, Couchbase, Elasticsearch, etc integrated using scalable microservices pattern
Data Sources: Identified systems to be tracked. Documented metrics and data extraction methods - APIs, agents, batch scripts, etc
Frontend UI: Mocked responsive dashboard allowing drill-downs to various components and role-based access
Infrastructure: Selected optimal AWS cloud services for the hosting platform itself - reliability and ease of growth
Intelligence: Brainstormed techniques like predictive analytics, customized alerts, and smart automation to prevent issues proactively
Roadmap: Multi-phase rollout plan focusing on value addition at each milestone while allowing ongoing enhancements

The collaborative planning enabled tight alignment on the end objectives, success metrics, equipment needs, and effort estimation.


Conclusion and Results

The 3 phased execution ensured the monitoring platform could showcase ROI from day one while allowing ongoing enhancements. After 8 months, PumaSight had a custom solution providing granular and intelligent visibility that continues to evolve with new innovations like blockchain support.

Business Impact

  1. 72% reduction in critical production issues through early anomaly detection
  2. Infrastructure uptime across client systems improved by over 99.95%
  3. 53% faster incident response
  4. Improved customer satisfaction with nearly 100% SLA adherence
  5. Multi-fold increase in metrics tracked per customer system
  6. Consolidated visibility eliminates the need for disparate tools
  7. Optimized infrastructure costs through usage insights
  8. Enhanced compliance with access controls and audits

"We are very happy with the capabilities being delivered through the tailored monitoring solution designed by Team Dixeam. Our NOC efficiency has improved remarkably while infrastructure performance and availability across client systems has enhanced” acknowledged John Smith, CTO PumaSight.

Emotcia: The solution

Key Challenge

The key challenge faced during this engagement was designing a scalable system that provided consolidated insights across PumaSight's infrastructure stack encompassing hundreds of metrics per client system without compromising on performance or manageability.

Correlating anomalies detected across diverse components distributed globally to isolate the root cause early among a storm of symptoms was also complex. The solution had to be intuitive for admins while enhancing automation using smart algorithms.

By following a phased rollout approach focused on adding value incrementally, we were able to meet these key challenges successfully.

Next Steps

As their infrastructure and customer needs growth, we will help them expand capabilities like:

  1. Supporting newer technologies like Kubernetes, IoT, etc
  2. Incorporating more AI/ML algorithms for self-remediation
  3. Providing insights to customers via Tenant Portals
  4. Enhancing mobility support as customers get increasingly remote

Emotcia: The solution

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