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A Web App to release new music albums, articles, blogs, and news for Christians.

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Solution and Objectives

The technology vision aimed to transform NRT from a catalog-driven publication into an integrated platform positioned at the center of the Christian music universe uniting artists, labels, and fans.

For Fans:
The portal would satiate discovery needs as the definitive source for new talent, provide tools for forging direct connections with artists, and enable participation as a community:

  1. Personalized recommendations using machine learning algorithms to match listener preferences
  2. Music player integration with song snippets and previews
  3. Exclusive first access to new releases and premieres
  4. Interactive talent interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and performances
  5. Discussion forums and fan clubs build connections
  6. Commerce capabilities like downloads, and merchandise

For Artists:
NRT would evolve into a marketplace enabling independent musicians and labels to reach Christian audiences bypassing traditional gatekeepers

  1. Self-service portal for artists to upload songs, lyrics, liner notes
  2. Advanced audience analytics providing data ownership
  3. Embedded storefronts for downloads, merchandise
  4. Fan communication channels for members-only content

For Industry: 
NRT would offer itself as a multi-dimensional channel aiding discovery, promotions, and monetization

  1. Unified dashboard for labels and artists reducing Fragmentation
  2. Integrated event ticketing and exclusive experience auctions
  3. Talent promotion programs like "Breakout Artist of the Month"
  4. Native advertising and influencer marketing opportunities
  5. Lead generation through robust audience segmentation

The vision was to construct NRT as an economic hub to accelerate Christian music community growth through technology.

Technology Planning

As the strategic technology partner, we formulated an agile yet comprehensive planning roadmap covering critical dimensions of people, process, and technology to guide the platform implementation:

Platform Architecture:
Proposed a cloud-native architecture leveraging specialized microservices enabling flexibility catering to likely future enhancements:

Backend: PHP/Laravel Frontend: JavaScript/Bootstrap
Modularized structure for commerce, analytics, access, etc on containers
CI/CD automation maximizing release velocity aligned to sprints

Staffing Plan:
Allocated cross-functional squad across client and provider side:

1 Lead architects setting technical vision
1 Full-stack Developer, 1 Backend Developer, 1 Frontend Developer building components
1 Cloud DevOps expert ensuring HA and scalability
1 Visual designers focused on UX

Governance Model:
Instituted rigorous review mechanisms for accountability:

  1. Monthly steering group stock takes on KPIs
  2. Weekly stand-ups for risk mitigation
  3. Release retrospectives for process improvements
  4. Ongoing end-user testing and feedback analysis

The comprehensive planning phase established strong structural guardrails through tech architecture principles, staffing models, and governance rhythms enabling flexible product build.


Conclusion and Results

Over an 18-month technology transformation journey, NRT was reimagined from a catalog-driven music publication into an integrated platform now sitting at the epicenter of the Christian music universe connecting artists, labels, and fans.

The phased rollout oriented around user-centric design thinking allowed continuous feedback driving adoption while revenue diversification derisked finances. Some key impact dimensions include:

Fan Experience:
8X increase in site traffic and 12X in mobile
300% growth in average session duration demonstrating engagement
25 million streams in Year 1 highlighting listenership

Artist Empowerment:
Over 5K independent artists directly listed their catalog
Collectively artists earned $750K in the first year itself from downloads and events
Direct access to data-driven audience analytics provides optimization cues

Industry Opportunity:
500 plus Christian music-focused advertisers and brands activated influencer marketing promotions
$2.5 million in tickets sold for faith-based gatherings and concerts
Curated festival calendars increased discovery for quirky micro-genres

Business Evolution:
10X increase in email subscribers and 4X growth in social followers
35% of revenues now come from transactions like downloads, merchandise, and ticket fees
Lowered customer acquisition costs by 50% by leveraging community advocacy
Technologically, continuous experimentation and the ability to modularize platform domains catering to market signals were pivotal to accelerated enhancement velocities.

Through reinventing music discovery patterns harnessing personalization, mobilizing community conversations around talent, and activating commerce; NRT leveled up to lead the post-streaming era of connecting music creators with engaged audiences through an integrated experience platform.

The numbers quantitatively validate success but more meaningfully, NRT revitalized connections between Christian music and its followers catalyzing an entire ecosystem.

Emotcia: The solution

Key Challenge

The key technology challenge was the two-way marketplace orchestration syncing artists and fan management while maintaining UX. Core to product-market fit was effectively matching songs to listener preferences through the interplay of content analytics and discovery algorithms.

Balancing the technology with user-centric design thinking was pivotal in driving adoption across old and new customer segments.

Next Steps

NRT aims to expand into audio and video verticals through:

  1. Podcast and video content platform
  2. Christian music geo-radio streaming
  3. Artist fan connection tools like exclusive digital concerts

We are thrilled to continually support NRT’s ambition of providing delightful, enriching, and uplifting faith-based content.

Emotcia: The solution

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