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Miss Tam Chiak

A Web App for Hotel Management System, Content Management System, and Booking Engine.

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Solution and Objectives

Our team proposed a 3 phase roadmap to build custom platforms focused on the specific needs of small boutique hotels like Miss Tam Chiak:

Central Reservations Management System: To enable direct bookings, bypassing OTAs
Unified Property Management System: To manage reservations, check-ins, guest services, and housekeeping operations from a single dashboard
Operational Modules: To facilitate daily functions like billing, requests management

The primary goal was the consolidation of information and workflows to deliver a frictionless, informed guest experience by empowering hotel staff through technology.

Some key objectives included:

  1. 20% cost savings from lower OTA commissions
  2. 10x better visibility into room availability
  3. Faster service through process automation
  4. 360-degree guest profiles for personalization
  5. Higher repeat visits through loyalty programs

Technology Planning

An agile delivery approach was adopted given the custom nature of the build. A prioritized backlog was jointly created with the client based on business impact. Given the iterative process, long-term planning was kept flexible to incorporate regular feedback.

The 12-month engagement was broken into 3 releases, each further broken into 2 weekly sprints. Sprint planning involved:

  1. User story estimation
  2. Task breakdown and assignment
  3. Capacity planning across client and agency team members

The core team comprised of "a Project Manager, a Full Stack Developer, a Backend Developer, and a Frontend Developer."

Team members were allocated depending on the priority feature scope. The technical architecture and APIs were established upfront ensuring uniformity across modules.

Regular sprint reviews and retrospective meetings were scheduled for demonstrations, feedback, and improvisation alignment.

The technology platforms were built leveraging:

WordPress: For UI and booking workflows
Woocommerce: For order management integration
Laravel: For API development
MySQL: For databases


Conclusion and Results

With the 3 phase implementation complete, Miss Tam Chiak benefited from:

  1. 20% cost savings driven by 35% direct bookings growth
  2. Increased occupancy by 10% from global distribution through agents
  3. Higher efficiency enabling redeployment of 4 FTEs to customer-facing roles

For the guests themselves, the transformation was evident through:

  1. Faster service with seamless information availability
  2. Better recognition and personalization for returning visitors
  3. More transparency from pre to post-stay engagement

With these uniquely customized platforms tuned exactly to their niche operational environment, Miss Tam Chiak outpaced competing boutique hotels. Leveraging the integrated data and streamlined workflows, they raised the bar for boutique hospitality.

Their example has since inspired other independent properties to reimagine technology's role in empowering them to punch above their weight. We are privileged to have partnered with Miss Tam Chiak in their pioneering journey.

Emotcia: The solution

Key Challenge

A significant challenge was ensuring the human touch of a boutique establishment didn’t get diluted in our pursuit of efficiency through technology. For smaller properties, optimizing guest experience depends heavily on the personal relationships built during each visit driving loyalty. In designing the platforms, we had to creatively embed the processes allowing staff accessibility to guest preferences, enabling them to maintain the bespoke element while automating the repetitive tasks.

The iterative approach was key to shaping workflows based on observing ground staff interactions and feedback.

Next Steps

Having realized immense value from Phase 1 of core reservations and property management, Miss Tam Chiak wants to double down on customer intelligence. Some prospective ideas include:

  1. Building a guest preference-driven database for true personalization
  2. Enable push notifications to mobile apps to drive direct bookings
  3. Integrate AI to match guest profiles with room suggestions
  4. Voice-based assistance for rooms

We look forward to growing capabilities tailored to Miss Tam Chiak’s increasing ambition of creating unmatched boutique experiences.

Emotcia: The solution

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