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Majestic Millionaires

A Web App for Online tour booking with 3rd Party API integration.

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Solution and Objectives

To address challenges hampering operations, the core expectations outlined for an integrated digital platform were:

  1. Unified packages development environment enabling flexible bundles designing tailored aligned to niche membership tiers and special access levels privileges
  2. Integrated online storefront providing 24/7 booking accessibility complemented by availability visibility and dynamic pricing support
  3. Automation of post-booking downstream activities encompassing communications, voucher generations, and inventory status syncs
  4. 360 degrees customer data aggregation into central CRM strengthening personalized recommendations and quality
  5. Infrastructure reliability and security compliance adherence are required for luxury brand-preserving commitments

Dixeam was selected as a technology partner to orchestrate systems consolidations based on proven expertise in building tailored digital solutions addressing unique pain points within industry workflows such as aggregations.

Technology Planning

A cloud-hosted architecture harnessing optimal tools was charted out:

  1. Headless WordPress CMS acting as foundational content hub decoupled for extension flexibility
  2. WooCommerce plugins powering storefront and shopping cart capabilities
  3. Laravel applications streamline post-booking voucher generations and inventory status updates
  4. MySQL relational databases cementing transaction efficiency across booking volumes historically
  5. Microservices focused on REST APIs first strategy easing third-party aviation/hospitality ecosystems integrations
  6. Optimized UI development warranting performance efficiencies and omnichannel engagement
  7. Docker container usage encouraged scalability buffer alignments addressing seasonal traffic variations...

The blueprint placed emphasis on API-led orchestration streamlining data flows further simplified by clean UI focused on customer journey convenience at the forefront complemented by modularized extensions enablement.


Conclusion and Results

Within 8 months post-go-live, the overhauled environment transformed operational fitness:

  1. Online bookings are up by 50% QoQ with over 70% growth from mobile channel consumption alone
  2. More than 60% efforts optimization by decoupling documentation-dependent progressions into automated workflows
  3. Unified 360 degrees views minimized query resolution turnaround cycles by over 50% through informed engagements
  4. Increased repeat clientele by over 40% from membership tier upgrades and exclusive packages cross-sells

“We have been able to exceed demanding niche luxury travelers expectations consistently post systems consolidation while embedding innovations to prepare for the next wave of growths”, acknowledged the Director, of Majestic Millionaires.

Emotcia: The solution

Key Challenge

A major challenge was seamlessly integrating workflows across tailor-made package designing, rapidly evolving luxury inventory, transaction processing, and customer support - accessible across web and mobile channels, along with CRM data.

Using microservices focused on scalable APIs first strategy powered by Docker containers, the Team Dixeam overcame intricacies in real-time data orchestration across modules enabling quicker time-to-value.

Next Steps

When asked about future plans, the Director shared interest in:

  1. Exploring blockchain for package provenance tracking providing transparency to luxury travelers
  2. IoT integration with in-destination properties allowing deeper personalization
  3. Expanding chatbot capabilities to automate post-travel survey processes

The engagement provided strong proof for enterprises dealing with demanding niche users on the power of customized digital platforms tightly integrated into workflows. Strategic adoption focused on customer centricity provides a competitive edge to modern travel companies vying for exclusive experience seekers.

Emotcia: The solution

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