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Connect Communications

A complete Business Management Suite for Internet Service Providers (ISP)

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Solution and Objectives

Through deep consultation, our team crafted a plan for a fully hosted ISP business management suite designed expressly for optimizing regional provider needs while remaining affordable and flexible.

The core SaaS platform objectives included:

  1. Automate subscriber billing with customized packages/rules
  2. Inventory tracking and management mobile field apps
  3. Intelligent multi-channel support ticketing queues
  4. Granular reporting and analytics for operational insights 

By combining specialized capabilities purpose-built for regional ISPs like Connect Communications, the proposed solution aimed to significantly streamline operations as an integrated management hub spanning mission-critical business areas.

Technology Planning

With scoping completed, our team examined leading technologies capable of fueling platform requirements while allowing easy modification: 

  1. Microservices Architecture - promotes independent development and scaling of distinct app capabilities as modules
  2. MongoDB Database – provides speed and flexible data modeling needed for custom operations
  3. Docker Containers - eases deployment across environments and optimized infrastructure resource allocation
  4. Google Cloud Platform – leverages managed services like Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and VPCs reducing DevOps overhead
  5. Continuous Delivery Pipelines - automated testing and release processes maximize production readiness 

This combination enabled our teams to build core platform functionality rapidly while ensuring enterprise-grade scalability, security and reliability.


Conclusion and Results

In 9 months we successfully built and launched a specialized ISP SaaS platform tackling critical gaps holding back Connect Communications’ business. The product has become central for supporting efficient scaling plans by the provider after fast user adoption. Our partnership continues today driving their growth strategy as platform intelligence and capabilities expand across other functional areas of their operations.

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Key Challenge

Two key challenges emerged during the execution phase:

  1. Building intelligent ticket routing capabilities to correctly categorize and assign issues systematically across agent tiers
  2. Enabling offline field technician access for tools like inventory lookup and troubleshooting guides when onsite connectivity was unreliable

We overcame these obstacles through a combination of robust design discussions, purpose-built microservices for modular capability enhancement, and leveraging leading technologies like MongoDB to accommodate flexible data structures needed in ISP environments.

Next Steps

With Connect Communications seeing excellent traction from core modules impacting day-to-day operations, our roadmap focuses on expanding platform functionality deeper into other business divisions:

  • Field Workforce Productivity Suite – mobile tools for technicians leveraging IoT, connectivity analytics, and skills matching to optimize human/network resource allocation
  • Network Infrastructure Module – integration layer for managing equipment health status, traffic patterns, spectrum availability, and other infrastructure analytics 
  • Customer Self-Service Portals – allowing subscriber access to account details, order tracking, payments, and limited troubleshooting for common issues

We continue enhancing platform capabilities to further augment operational visibility and leverage data science for unlocking efficiency opportunities.

Emotcia: The solution

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