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A platform to share and explore service and professional reviews.

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Solution and Objectives

Our guiding vision focused on nurturing trust, visibility, and connections between service seekers and providers through transparency. We defined targeted success metrics across stakeholders:

Enable informed decisions through 200 million words of reviews annually
Provide consumer advocacy saving over $845 per Davison on average

Service Professionals
Drive $16 billion in referral revenue by matching buyers with best-fit sellers
Save SMBs an average of 105 days of marketing costs acquiring each new customer

Produce gross margin over 42% through verified lead generation marketplaces
Realize 2.6x multiple on engaged community-driven assets

Cultivate data-driven insights improving decision-making for 80 million purchasing advisors
Tap authenticated NPS feedback sparking 80% of product enhancements

Become the most ethical place to share reviews and refer businesses with 91% of employees willing to recommend to friends and family

Policy Makers
Shape perspective of 450 advocacy groups through constructive analysis
Lead standards preventing bias in algorithms recommending opportunities

Fund $750,000 in continuing education grants through enabled economic mobility
Foster inclusive information access across demographic groups

Technology Planning

Developed network diagrams encompassing security zones, hardware layouts, communication flows
Documented stack from operating systems to infrastructure services, middleware, apps/data layers
Completed risk assessment addressing OWASP Top 10, malware, insider threats
Evaluated and selected cloud hosting providers balancing compliance, jurisdiction, and cost

Initialized modular microservices-oriented code repositories centered around Laravel and React
Outlined domain models spanning members, groups, search, reviews, and messaging entities with supporting data stores
Designed REST APIs aligned to core workflows of member search and community feeds
Built automated unit test coverage templates integrated into the CI/CD pipeline

Content & Data
Created moderation taxonomy and rules schema to categorize objections
Seeding script for 100K QA labeled reviews to train deep learning classifiers
Open-sourced Scraper assimilating 30M online ratings for search relevance tuning
Statistical analysis measuring inter-annotator biases establishing consensus baseline

With direction setting completed, our distributed teams followed proven Agile rituals to incrementally deliver capabilities leveraging Laravel and React tech stacks.


Conclusion and Results

Within 8 months post-launch, Buuyers achieved:

22,000 registered personal profiles
1,500 accredited advisor businesses showcase

Content Velocity
46,000+ pieces of original reviews and insights

1.8 million organic impressions from search

6X more leads and 4X profile views for top-rated providers
2.8X increase in sellers offering exclusive Buuyers promotions

Economic Impact
Enabled $7.2 million in referred revenue between successfully matched parties
Before Buuyers, over 38% of professionals struggled to acquire new clientele despite extensive industry credentials. Consumers battled assessing skill sets across crowded directories of service listings.

Member Impact
“As an independent consultant offering global taxation strategy services to emerging technology companies, Buuyers enabled my boutique practice to qualify inbound interest from serious buyers – driving a 22% lift on sales converted from high-quality leads.”

Emotcia: The solution

Key Challenge

Balancing open review sharing while governing appropriateness posed initial platform governance obstacles. Introducing granular flagging workflows coupled with both human and AI-assisted evaluation of objections became instrumental in nurturing community standards. Training adjudicators on tone analysis and facial recognition helped accurately decide complex cases spanning ethics, conflicts of interest, and local jurisdictional considerations.

Preventing Balkanization through proactive nurturing participation from underrepresented specialties took considerable effort. Business development staff helped coordinate AMAs and drive challenges by location and vertical to incentivize diverse sharing. Ongoing segmentation analysis also informed strategic partnerships like trade conferences to fill visibility gaps.

Next Steps

With solid market validation, our ambitious roadmap calls for enhancing personalization through:

  1. Verified ID badges for licensed professionals via blockchain attestations
  2. Commission model valuing high-effort referrals based on outcomes
  3. Deeper CRM and payments integration modernizing customer management capabilities
  4. Proactive recommendations leveraging implicit signals like chat conversations powered by machine learning
  5. Expanded mobile capabilities including onsite photography evidence capture and augmented annotations

Emotcia: The solution

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