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in supportive combination with web Design, web development did an important role in the final achievement of your business website. While web development includes main functionality which controls the whole structure of your website, web design gives outlook and graphics.


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Sucessfull history

A video social network like youtube to current gettting data from youtube. It is largest social video network in Pakistan. Most efficient and responsive desing.

Very usefull site/tool that enable you manange the different social network on one plateform. Tell a descriptive story in real time. Distribute social material into all major social networks. Analyze and make the statistical result of data to teach and empower your editorial and sales teams

It is US based company that clean your chimney on regular basis, System recommend the nearest cleaning center while using the Geolocation API. Developed the secure WordPress plugin scan by most useful pen testing tools.

Brandy Corner have great idea to manange the reviews of hotels all over the world. Statistical data for Business Intellegence to empower the business revenue.

Edmodo is web and mobile based social platform located in San Mateo, California. It is K-12 social learning network in the world and gain progress rapidly. It is just like Facebook to engage the parents, students and teaching staff to communicate and elaborate thing and working environment.

About Dixeam

Dixeam Technologies provides web development and web design by using latest development frameworks which shows its creative work all over the world.

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